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Ship To: 
PBBE, 17820 Highway 99, Unit C, Lynnwood, Wa, 98037

How to ship your Booster

1. Never ship your booster loose in a box, be sure to use 
packaging paper or equal to surround booster from damage, Ensure the booster will not shift or move around, Insert carboard panels vertically in corners higher than the booster so the rods will not poke through the box, it also keeps the booster from getting damaged, Reinforce the bottom of the box with cardboard, this keeps the booster from trying to break through the bottom of the box. 

2. Be sure to protect the tail stock bakelite material and the brake pedal rod so they cannot be bent or broken. 

3. Be sure to enclose the shipping form found on services page, be sure to tape box to seal content.  

4. Note if tail stock is received broken or chipped, it will need to be replaced, which may require a replacement core.  In some cases these tailstocks are no longer made, a replacement core maybe required, if PBBE supplies a used or remanufactured part, there is a min. additional cost of $70,          

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