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A day with Graveyard Carz TV show crew!

Graveyard Carz Tv Film Crew
Booster Mark behind the camera

We have the honor of spending the day with the Graveyard Carz tv show crew, they came and filmed a segment on us, Mark Worman wanted a to show folks who we are are and what we do. We will be in season 20 of HBOs Graveyard carz Max, - so exciting to be a part of it!!

Graveyard Carz Tv Film Crew
Tv crew

Mark and his team have been using Power Brake Booster Exchange for over thirty years on his restored cars for customers. Mark strives for perfection, we deliver.

It's always exciting to take on a booster project for Mark, We know its fulfilling one of his customers life long dream. Knowing we are a small part of that is awesome!

Our boosters are restored as close to original as possible, we work with customers that want a survivor car but operational brake boosters to Ferrari boosters to even concourse restorations.

Our boosters go through vigorous and detailed rebuild along with testing to ensure the booster works as it should the day it left the factory. There is no quick tear apart and repair, we do a full restore as per the customers desire.

What is always interesting we use some of the same tooling and fixturing from the original manufacturers of the boosters, keeping the history as it should be, restored to original .

We don't believe in the high production rebuilds, slap parts in and ship, nope that is not what we are about, its one booster at a time, restored by one Booster tech at a time, Our techs, if one tech starts it, he finishes it, we are are not an assembly line shop. We are old school staying with our roots, originating with Booster Dewey and Booster Steve almost 35 years ago, Doing one thing Boosters.

Over the years we have been adding things like rebuild kits and other components for the folks that want to work on a booster themselves or just need a part that had to be replaced.

We are here for you in helping you restore your car.

Dodge Christine
Christine's Sister, aka sis

We have combined efforts with Brakes for Less in Lynnwood Washington to help our customers replace the booster and other brake components in the car or help them resolve a brake issue with there beloved classic. Sometimes the cars need a bit of extra love or tech support to get them stopping properly. We have had cars brought in on trailers because they just wouldn't stop, a bit of love and good to go, a happy car! Weekly we are getting in classics to be worked on, We even had a chance to work on Dodge's version of the famous "Christine" car, we nicknamed it Christine's sister. Customers were coming in and going wow, is that Christine, said nope its "sister" , She was special, had 4 master cylinders in the front for stopping, You don't see that everyday!, Got it working just right!, One happy camper now, - cruising time!

Our devoted team Between Power brake booster and Brakes for less Lynnwood loves keeping the ol Girls alive and stopping as they should. We are here for you, if we can be of any help, please be sure to reach out to us, we are here to help

Happy cruising! And of Course, Thank you Mark Worman for believing in us and having us be part of your team!

Booster Mark


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