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To ship your booster to us, please carefully follow the instructions listed below for safety and security:

Shipping address:
17820 Highway 99, Unit C
Lynnwood, Wa, 98037

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  • Do not ship your vacuum booster loose in a box.

  • Use packaging paper or equivalent materials to wrap and protect the booster from damage.

  • Make sure the brake booster is securely surrounded by the packaging material to prevent shifting or movement.

Protection for specific components

  • Pay special attention to protecting the tail stock bakelite material and the brake pedal rod.

  • Ensure they are secured and cannot be bent or broken during shipping.

Corner protection

  • Insert cardboard panels vertically in the corners of the box, positioned higher than the booster.

  • This prevents the rods from poking through the box during transit.

Shipping form and box sealing

  • Enclose the shipping form, which you can download here.

  • Make sure to securely tape the box to seal its contents.

Box reinforcement

  • Reinforce the bottom of the box with additional cardboard.

  • This prevents the brake servo from attempting to break through the bottom of the box.

Note: If the tailstock is received broken or chipped, it will need to be replaced, which may require a replacement core.

In cases where these tailstocks are no longer manufactured, a replacement core may be necessary. If PBBE supplies a used or remanufactured part, there will be a minimum additional cost of $70.

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