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To ship your booster to us, please carefully follow the instructions listed below for safety and security:

Shipping address:
17820 Highway 99, Unit C
Lynnwood, Wa, 98037

Shipping Instructions Below 


  • Do not ship your vacuum booster loose in a box.

  • Use packaging paper or equivalent materials to wrap and protect the booster from damage.

  • Make sure the brake booster is securely surrounded by the packaging material to prevent shifting or movement.

Protection for specific components

  • Pay special attention to protecting the tail stock bakelite material and the brake pedal rod.

  • Ensure they are secured and cannot be bent or broken during shipping.

Corner protection

  • Insert cardboard panels vertically in the corners of the box, positioned higher than the booster.

  • This prevents the rods from poking through the box during transit.

Shipping form and box sealing

  • Enclose the shipping form, which you can download here.

  • Make sure to securely tape the box to seal its contents.

Box reinforcement

  • Reinforce the bottom of the box with additional cardboard.

  • This prevents the brake servo from attempting to break through the bottom of the box.

Note: If the tailstock is received broken or chipped, it will need to be replaced, which may require a replacement core. 

If you have an original OEM check valve and you want to keep it, remove it before sending the booster in. We will be installing a new  aftermarket check valve. The unit will be tested using the new valve.

In cases where these tailstocks are no longer manufactured, a replacement core may be necessary. If PBBE supplies a used or remanufactured part, there will be a minimum additional cost of $70.

Things to be sure to remove before shipment-

Master Cylinder, if you are not able to remove it, keep it installed, be sure to remove all brake fluid

External Vacuum lines

OEM Check valves if you want to keep yours, please remove it, We install new check valves prior to shipment,  Some of the Original style check valves are obsolete, We replace the check valve with what is available. 

Be sure to include these items when shipping a booster to PBBE

Brake pedal activation rod

Master cylinder push rod

Applicable Midland spacers, We test the unit using your spacer and adjust rod length including spacer. 

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