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Power Brake Booster Exchange

Home of Booster Dewey, we’ve been rebuilding vacuum brake boosters for classic, muscle, and sports cars since 1990.

Find high-quality parts for your brake booster needs.

Trust us to expertly rebuild your brake booster for optimal performance.

Renew your brake booster's look and function with our re-plating service.


About Power Brake Booster Exchange

With over 30 years of experience, Power Brake Booster Exchange specializes in rebuilding vacuum brake boosters for classic and sports cars.

Previously located in Portland, Oregon, we're now located in Lynnwood, Washington!

We currently operate at a 5-6 week turnaround time. The fastest way to reach our office is by email.

Our exceptional work on brake boosters has been recognized through numerous notable projects and world-famous cars, including the following vehicles:

  • The Lincoln that JF Kennedy was assassinated in

  • The 1st Mustang to roll off the line (now in the Ford Museum)

  • The 1958 Chrysler Saratoga from the movie "Holes"

  • One of the Original Batman cars from the TV show

  • Graveyard Carz, a TV show hosted by Mark Worman

  • "Christine" from Graveyard Carz (a TV show hosted by Mark Worman)

  • Ferrari 275 from the movie "Thomas Crowne Affair"

  • Several cars from the LeMay (America's Car Museum, Washington)

  • Several cars from the Volo Auto Museum, Illinois

  • The two out of two, all-wheel-drive Triumph Stags with Dunlap anti-lock brakes

  • The George Follmer Mustang race car

  • Numerous Shelbys and Boss 302/429 Mustangs

  • The Hurricane Ian Plymouth Superbird-Magnum Auto Restoration

  • The Hurricane IAN Superbird Restoration

New Arrivals

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Discover a wide range of products at Power Brake Booster Exchange. Our online store offers a diverse selection of brake servos suitable for classic, sports, and custom vehicles. Explore our product categories to find the perfect fit for your braking needs.

Rebuild Kits

Find rebuild kits for most brands to restore your brake booster with quality components.

Brake Booster Boots

Explore various pedals, master cylinders, internal, and misc. boots for your brake booster restoration needs.

Filters & Filter Spacer Kits

Discover filters and spacer kits to ensure clean and efficient operation.

Complete Restored

Discover our regularly-updated inventory of fully restored boosters.

Diaphragms & Hubs

Find internal diaphragms and hubs for most models to restore optimal functionality.

Poppets, Seals, & Vacuum Hoses

Find a variety of poppets, seals, and vacuum hoses for your restoration projects.

Check Valves

Browse our selection of standard check valves with grommets for reliable performance.

MISC Parts, General Merchandise & Tools

Explore miscellaneous parts, merchandise, and tools.

Mopar Wire Looms & Reinforcement Brackets

Enhance your Hemi and other models with our booster wire looms and brackets.

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Have a questions about brake booster service? Book a call with us via the link below.

Brands Serviced

At Power Brake Booster Exchange, we proudly service a wide range of brands, consisting of:

Our Services

Thank you, thank you for the excellent service.

Find rebuild kits for most brands to restore your brake booster with quality components.

Parts for the DIY

Discover our regularly-updated inventory of fully restored boosters for easy installation.

Specialized plating service

Enhance the appearance of your booster with our specialized plating service. Choose from gold and silver zinc options.

When looking for a deal on Ebay, 

When looking for cores or boosters on EBAY, Please be careful, there is a dealer that goes by "classicbooster" out of Oregon, They stated they have boosters that are rebuilt by PBBE and the employees within, that is False, this issue is being persued in the proper manor, If you see other suppliers on Ebay that claim we do the rebuilding for them, please let us know,  thank you - The PBBE team 


Can always count on your team, you are in this business for the right reason, - Restoration, done right.

Mark Warmen, Graveyard Carz

Restored Brake Booster Example

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